Best Selling Super OBD2 Available Nationwide


Super OBD2  is a powerful chip tuning device that can be inserted
into your car OBD2 connector to increase your vehicle’s horsepower and
torque. Based on your driving habits, Super OBD2 creates a new map in the
car’s computer (ECU) to increase engine performance. As you drive more,
Super OBD2 rewrites the map and makes adjustments to match your driving
habits for more performance.


More Power
Greater Torque
Stronger Acceleration & Quicker Responses
Unleash the hidden reserves of your car’s engine
✅ Very Safe Chip Tuning Box
💯% Authentic with Microchip✡
✅ Conveneint Reset Button
✅ Latest 2019 Version
✅ Instant Effect After Installation
✅ Easy to Install Just Plug and Drive
✅ Eliminates Throttle Delay
✅ Eliminates Lag
✅ Improves Fuel Efficiency
✅ Saves on Car Maintenance Expenses
✅ Increase POwer and Torque
✅ Car Models MY 2000 up to present
✅ Cars/Vans with OBD2 POrt and ECU
✅ Does Not Void Warranty
✅ 🆓 Shipping Nationwide COD/COP
LBC Express
Microchip PIC16F59 Flash-Based,
8-Bit CMOS Microcontroller
See the FAQ Section for more details

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