Ford Everest SuperOBD2 SuperOBD2 for Diesel Engine

Super OBD2 on Ford Everest 2012

Super OBD2 on Ford Everest 2012. Drove to neighboring town of Malvar,Batangas couple of hours ago for a meet up and free installation of Super OBD2 for Diesel on a Ford Everest Automatic 2012 with the subject vehicle having the usual problem encountered by car owners– throttle delay and transmission lag during shifting of gears. The OBD2 port is quite tricky to locate unlike other Ford variants like the Ford ECO Sport where the OBD port is located in a small compartment near the door on the driver’s side. We finally found the port just right above the hand brake lever after detaching a plastic cover right under the dash.

OBD Port location of Ford Everest 2012 Automatic Transmission

Super OBD2 on Ford Everest 2012

Ford Eversest 2012

Automatic Transimission

Super OBD2 on Ford Everest 2016

Super OBD2 for Diesel

Super OBD2 on Ford Everest 2012

Ford Everest 2102

Automatic Transmission

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